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Every great life-changing discovery begins the same way—with new knowledge. It can change everything, from a single life to the future of entire communities. The Medical College of Wisconsin brings a synergy between the best medical education, research and patient care. Every bit of knowledge, and every advancement, provides our students with an unprecedented, collaborative learning environment, and helps improve the vitality and care of our communities. Discovery and innovation through biomedical advancements, laboratory research and clinical trials drives major breakthroughs in health, education and treatment.
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Throughout its long history, Rush Medical College has made major contributions to medical science and education. Rush Medical College offers a hands-on training experience in a state-of-the-art medical center under the guidance of acclaimed clinician educators. Rush Medical College faculty and students conduct research that furthers the understanding of diseases and leads to more effective treatments. Rush Medical College students continue to give back to our surrounding communities and make a difference in the lives of others. Rush Medical College students interact with patients in a world-class medical center, as well as play roles in research and community service.
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A medical college or medical association is a trade association that brings together practitioners of a particular geographical area a country, region, province. In common-law countries, they are often grouped by medical specialties cardiologists , family doctors , etc. Medical associations act as a safeguard of the fundamental values of the medical profession : the deontological ethics and code of ethics. In addition to providing exclusive representation in national and international medical practitioners, a medical college is responsible for management and protection of the medical profession. In most countries, licensing is usually required.

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